Minneapolis StarTribune mention

“Mike Bishop, a software engineer and music producer from St. Paul, sat in the audience in July at MinneDemo, a regular gathering where Twin Cities tech workers show their latest projects, and vowed to himself to be onstage at the next one.

Thursday night, Bishop and his brother Scott took the stage at the end of the latest Minne­Demo event and showed for the first time in public a project they’ve been working on for two years: a system called RecordTogether for musicians to write and record music via the Internet.

“I’ve been to the last four or five of these, and after the last one I said, ‘Man, we’re going to do it this time, we’re going to put together a presentation,’ ” Mike Bishop said. “It was something to work toward. You’ve gotta start somewhere.”

Full article by Evan Ramstad: http://www.startribune.com/at-minnedemo-local-technologists-test-ideas-put-pressure-on-themselves-look-for-money/326823991/


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